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Communion is an important and very precious ¬†part of our worship. We remember Christ’s death on the cross each week either as part of the morning service or part of the evening service. All believers are welcome to take the bread and the wine. The communion meal is preceded by a few thoughts from Gods word specifically chosen to guide our thoughts towards Christ and his sacrificial love for us.


Morning Service / Family Church

Our Family church starts at 11:00. and finishes at approximately 12:15 The first part is usually led by one of the church members. We have a time of worship with prayer, singing and reading. This is followed by our visiting speakers message. As a guideline, the message would normally be around 25 minutes. There are often young children amongst our congregation and they will most probably leave to go to the Sunday School Class after the first song and prayer. We also have several teenagers and young couples. Some speakers address the young people and adults separately while others combine their talk into one. We leave that choice with our visitor. Usually our visiting speaker will choose the last hymn and would close the meeting.


Evening Service

For our evening meeting, the visiting speaker usually leads the meeting through from start to finish. We start our meeting at 18:30 and it would normally finish at approx 19:30 give or take a bit. We have no set format and would leave it to the speaker to decide on the order of service. We would generally have 3 or 4 hymns and are flexible as to who chooses the hymns. It is helpful to our musicians if the hymns are known a few days in advance of the Sunday. So if our visitor chooses the hymns then it would be helpful just to forward the numbers by Saturday AM. Alternatively it can be left to the locals to choose.

There are usually refreshments after the evening meeting and often this is a useful time to share thoughts on the message or other matters. People often just do not want to leave!

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