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Guest Speakers


We are very Grateful to our visiting speakers for taking the time to prepare from Gods word and being prepared to come and share that Word with us at Mickfield. These notes we hope will give some guidance in the way in which Mickfield Evangelical Church operates. Each church has its own way of doing things and some of us in the church know how daunting it can be when everybody knows what is supposed to happen next, except you.

We use the ‘complete mission praise’ hardback hymnbook with numbers extending to 1021. Also songs of fellowship. We have a musical group which with a full complement comprises Piano, guitars, bass, flute, sax, & drums and are privileged to have several of our members who can play in the meetings. Hymns are usually displayed on the projector but very occasionally we may use books or other media

In our new building We have full AV facilities and can present power point and other media. It is helpful to us if we know the type of presentation and version etc to ensure we can display the file correctly

We mostly read from the New International Version or English Standard Version of the scriptures as we find that our younger members struggle with comprehending the older versions, however if as a visitor you would prefer the King James version then please do not feel pressurised to use the newer translations.

We hope you have found this information of some use but if you have any queries relating to your visit, please do not hesitate to contact either myself David or our minister Richard on the phone numbers below.

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